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14035 Promenade Commons St.
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"The Red Mustang cake was a hit!  The groom loved it and everyone agreed that the flavor was great. Thank you so much."

– Laura Minor

"I just wanted to say thank you for making that beautiful cake for my sister's bridal shower. The cake was a hit! It was both stunning and tasty! I don't think I've ever had a better tasting cake! If I have the opportunity I will definitely use your services in the future."

Thank you again!

– Laura Maselli

"Thank you so much for the cake it was absolutely delicious and the hit of the party!  Brandon absolutely loved it and so did we, you are a true talent. See you on the next one!"


– Claudia

"My wife LOVED that cake so much that she didn't want to eat it. Thanks again."

Thank You.

– Steve Bagwell

"I just wanted to send you a message and thank you for the beautiful cake you made for us.  In short, It.Was.Perfect!  It was exactly what we'd hoped for - it looked identical to the picture we'd shown you.  And the taste was amazing!  Most people can either make a good cake or an attractive cake - yours was both!  We received so many compliments.  I won't hesitate to recommend you to everyone and to call upon you in the future."

Thanks so much!

– Susan

"Thank you SOOO much for the beautiful cake. It was absolutely delicious."

Thanks again!

– Allison and Diego

"Thank you so much for the wonderful cupcakes. They were a big hit! All the kids were oohing and ahhhing."


– Cathy

"Your doughnuts were a hit! There wasn't a single bite left, which I have never seen! There is always a ton of cake leftover, so I hope you see this as a huge success. "


"The cake was absolutely delightful...everyone loved it! Thank you soooooooo much!"

– April

"Thank you so very much for our absolutely PERFECT wedding cake and pops! They were amazing!!! Can't wait to recommend you. Thank you again for making everything so sweet :). The red velvet was TO DIE FOR!!!!!!"

– M. Giovanna Quatraro Rhatican

"Thank you for making my daughter 's birthday cake on such short notice. It was delicious, and everyone loved it. Here are a few pictures of the final product. I'm sure I will be in touch for your help with future parties."

Thanks again!

– Allison

"I just wanted to share with you that a lot of people complemented the theme and color scheme of the cake, which I owe to you, as you helped me incorporate my whale theme and especially by matching all the colors for me : ) Also everyone at the party loved both the chocolate and vanilla cake, my mother loves chocolate cake but she told me that she loved your vanilla cake more (which is truly a first for her! ). I am sorry I got a bit delayed in passing the lovely compliments I received for the cake. We look forward to ordering our next cake with you!"

– Nidhi

"Thank you SO, so much for being a part of the Yelp's Roaring into the Twenties event last night -- it went over FABULOUSLY, and everyone I spoke to said they had an absolutely amazing time!

Some reviews of the event are already starting to roll in, and so far... all 5 stars! They're full of awesome shout-outs like this one from Mari A: "The Cake Pop stand. I wanted to steal ALL. And was secretly hoping if I stayed long enough afterwards, that I would get to take some home. Sadly, the taste of the incredibly moist cake pop must remain a memory till we meet again. WHICH WILL BE VERY SOON!"

Thank you again, you truly helped make this an absolutely spectacular event."

All the best,

– Gretchen

"I just wanted to say thank you for my cake; it looked great and tasted amazing, all of my guests couldn't stop talking about it. I also passed out your number to a few people!"

Thanks again!!

– JimShir

"Thank you a thousand times everything went perfect and the cake was really delicious!!! "

– Mike Cedric Rochelle

"Thank you for the wonderful cake! It looked great and was delicious!! All of our guests raved about it!"
Thanks again.

– Carmen

"Thank you! The cake was a big hit, certainly the most talked about, and most photographed cake I've ever seen. Making that first cut was difficult. :)

Lots of people asked who made it, I gave out all your business cards. Maybe you'll see some more business from the Cars & Coffee crowd."

Thanks again!

– Jim Board

"I wanted to say Thank You very much! Your cupcakes were delicious! And the colors matches perfectly with our theme . They were a big hit - and I will definitely be contacting you again for our next big event!

As you say - have a delicious day!! haha"

– Kathleen Warren

"Just wanted to say thank you for the fabulous cake! It was beautiful! And absolutely delicious. Almost everyone at our party complimented the cake and asked who made it! I've passed your name along."

– Amanda

"I wanted to follow up and give you a glowing review for the Hello Kitty cake you provided for my sister's baby shower.  First and foremost you did an awesome job getting Hello Kitty's face correct.  Some of the faces I saw online were a little misshapen.  Next...the cake was just delicious!  Everyone commented how moist and delicious it was and I even got people wanting your information for future events (especially my sister).  The cake was bigger than I thought it would be...it had 3 layers and was more than enough for all the people who came to the baby shower.  

Thank you so MUCH for all the work you put into the cake!"


– Alizabeth Cho

"Your cake is absolutely delicious!! Everyone wanted to know where I got it from.. So you were quite famous at our party :)

Again THANK YOU sooo much. Look forward to working with you again!"

– Kanageswari Arunasalam Mohler

"I ordered a pumpkin cheesecake from Simply Desserts for Thanksgiving and it was truly the best cheesecake our family has ever tasted. I have also ordered the cake pops for a fun ladies night out gathering and they were the perfect little treat for my guests. Kimberly, the owner, also gave me some creative ideas how to display them. Her desserts are simply delicious!"

– Kim Ramos

"WOW, just WOW!  That cake not only looked cool, it was delicious!  There were a lot of happy people at the party last night and all in awe of yours and your teams creation :)  More importantly, my daughter was thrilled with the cake. I know who to call if I need another custom cake.  Thank you again so much."
– Kris Hicks

"I just wanted to let you know that the cake you made for my daughter got many compliments on the design and taste. It was very delicious! It's very rare that I purchase baked goods from places without recommendation, but I have no regrets in the decision I made in choosing your company. The cake was delicious, and I will definitely recommend your service and keep you in mind for future events."

Thank you,

– Michaella

"I wanted to let you know how it went with the 1-year anniversary cake you made for me and my wife.  I suprised her with it after a very nice dinner last night.  There was only one thing about the cake that was different from our wedding cake - it tasted significantly better!  At first my wife thought I actually saved a layer of our cake somehow without her knowing it because it really matched our wedding cake exactly.  She was even more impressed when she tasted it!
Thank you so much for the cake and for making the process so easy!  I will definitely be recommending you to my friends."
– Matt H.  

"Thank you so much for making such delicious cake pops. They were exactly the right colors and looked so good with the decorations and other foods we had for the event. Bea did not know what colors or flavors we were using of course there were two short because they  ate them on the way up to Delaware. imagine that. Its o.k. they are pregnant they have a reason. Thanks again."

– Gail G Toner

"I just wanted to tell you I was a guest at the Stokols anniversary party on Sunday evening — your cake was one of the most DELICIOUS cakes I have ever tasted! My husband loved it too (and he's not even a fan of cake in general). It was beautiful too. Many times, cakes can be pretty to look at, but not all that tasty. I loved the taste, texture, AND it was pretty too! Just wanted to let you know it was a real hit!"

– Marcie Stein

"I just wanted thank you so much for the amazing cake you did for my son yesterday, it was absolutely delicious and the woody and buzz theme made our party truly special.  I look forward to the next birthday we certainly will order it from you."


– Claudia Bucukoglu

"Thank you so much for the amazing cake for Isabella's welcome home party.  It was beautiful and delicious and Isabella absolutely loved it.  She actually spent about 45 minutes playing with the team umizoomi fondant characters after we dug into the cake, and was taking small bites of feet, flowers and a took a large chunk out of Geo's head.  I am attaching a link to download the photos as they are pretty large."

– Sophia & Isabella

"I wanted to thank you so much for our beautiful wedding cake & fabulous cake pops!  we loved how the cake turned out (& Keith's mom outdid herself with a very colorful "yankee's stadium" to surprised keith & the two cakes looked like they were made to compliment each other, with lots of bright beautiful colors!)  and the cake was DELICIOUS!  the power ended up going out right before we cut the cake, so a number of guests didn't get to have the carrot cake - so Keith & I got to enjoy even more of it (along with close family & friends) at a picnic the next day.  it was so delicious & Keith is already asking if we can order our 1 year anniversary cake :)
And the cake pops!  they were gorgeous - the presentation was fabulous, & our guests have been raving about them!  Keith & I thought we made pretty good cake pops, but yours were AMAZING!!!  thank you thank you thank you!
we really couldn't be more thrilled with how everything turned out & we will definitely be singing your praises to all of our friends & family!!!"
Thanks again,

:) Tricia

"All I can say is WOW! The cupcakes you created for the bridal shower were phenomenal! It was all I could do to stop eating them. They were such a big hit and I can hardly wait to have them again in September! Thank you so much.

I thought you'd like to know that a friend of the family has a sister who works at Georgetown Cupcakes. She sent three boxes of cupcakes to the shower. We ALL agreed that they really really paled in comparison to yours. I'm so glad that I found you and I'm even more excited about the cupcakes you'll be baking for the wedding.

All the best for now and thanks for helping to make my shower so sweet. :-)"

- Deirdre

"Well the cake was a hit!!!

No only was it beautifully done but it tasted great too.  I had several people ask where I had it made and wanted your name and number...which I was quick to provide!  I want to thank you again for such a wonderful cake it was the WOW factor I was looking for."


Shannon Harte

"Just wanted to say thank you for the beautiful and delicious wedding cake you provided for our wedding on May 12.  Our guests were really pleased with the cake and I heard nothing but good things about it. I am only now getting to taste the top layer (yellow), as the hotel staff did save the top for us (even though we told them to cut all of it...oh well!). I would be delighted to recommend you to another bride or anyone in need of a specialty cake, should you need it."

Best regards,

- Ellen

"Thank you so much for the wonderful wedding cake!  It was both beautiful and delicious!!!  Everyone raved about how good it was!  Seth and I were able to quickly eat a piece before leaving for the night, and we are very much looking forward to enjoying our 'anniversary cake' in a year!!  Our wedding was very bittersweet, as my father passed away just days before...  Thank you so much for such a sweet memory in the wedding cake!"

-  Kristin

"The cake was amazing both in design and taste!  You do such an amazing job and everyone was so impressed with it when they saw it.  Then when we tasted it, they were even more impressed.  This is our second cake you have done and we will definitely ask you to make our cakes from now on."

-  Terri Langdon

"My son's Mad Science birthday party was wonderful.  The Mad Science presentation was quite engaging, entertaining and educational. The perfect end to a perfect party was the absolutely delicious birthday cake that you made.  My son loved the cake, even said it was the best cake ever.  Before everyone had a bite of it, all of the moms and dads marveled at how beautiful and incredibly creative the cake was.  Not to be disappointed, when it was time to take a bite, I thought it was the most delicious cake ever, even better than the cake from last year.  Although it's not unusual, some children asked for seconds. What was unusual, however, was that several parents went back for seconds.  Toward the end of the party, 6 parents approached me inquiring on where I purchased the cake.  I told them and gave the label on the boxes to two parents.  The other parents, not to be outdone, took of a picture of your label.  I think you will definitely have some cake orders as a result of this party. Thanks for an awesome and incredibly delicious cake."  


-  Helen McIntosh

"We had our branch dinner at a local restaurant, and when it was time for the Louis Vuitton cake, I went out to the car to bring it in.  I took the cover off in the waiting area, and carried a lit candle in my hand because it couldn't get myself to poke a hole in the cake.  Everybody in the restaurant stared.  A lot of servers came by to look at it.  Some of the customers came by to ask if they could take pictures.  I told them to google Simply Desserts.  Thanks a bunch."

—  Jin Kim

"I wanted to thank you so much for making Hussam's birthday cake (Soccer jersey and ball).  I'm not sure if I mentioned this before, but it was a surprise birthday dinner.  He was completely surprised and LOVED the cake so much that he didn't want to eat it.  It turned out perfectly - and tasted AMAZING."

— Zayna

"A couple of weeks ago, I hosted a bridal shower for my cousin. I needed a diamond ring cake. The cake had to appear as though it were a pillow. The ring needed to be coming out of the pillow and it had to have a large “diamond” on top. I was referred to Kimberly McDonald of Simply Desserts. I sent my husband to pick up the cake the evening before the shower. He made it home to find the ring had cracked! The doorbell rand after 9pm and there were three ladies standing in my foyer toting boxes of “emergency cake supplies”. They worked like surgeons to repair the cake back to its original beauty, creating a whole new ring. They stayed until the job was done (well over an hour) and laughed their way through the inconvenience I clearly was. When they left, I thought; “gosh I wish I wrote for a newspaper so I could tell the world how awesome this woman is”. Oh yeah, I do!"

— Stefani
(see the full article at http://www.loudountimes.com/index.php/communities/south_riding/)

"I just wanted to thank you for the goodies for our shower on Saturday. Everything looked great and was delicious! The extreme heat was an issue (as I'm sure you know if you were walking in it) but we managed to keep everything moving so nothing got too melty. Thanks so much ... can't wait to use you again. BTW the peanut butter and chocolate chip bars were a HUGE hit."

— Linda

"I would HIGHLY recommend Kimberly for your wedding cake or any other event where you might need a delicious cake.  Kimberly’s was very professional, reliable, artistic and her cakes taste AMAZING! They were moist as delicious for my wedding as when we tried them during our tasting. I had a vanilla cake with raspberry and lemon filling and a chocolate cake with chocolate mouse and raspberry filling"

"The thing I appreciated most with Kimberly was the wonderful insight she provided when we collaborated for the design of the cake.  I wanted a fairly simple cake with white frosting and some real flowers for a pop of color. Kimberly did a great job of placing the flowers on the cake and even came up with the idea to have the pattern on my wedding invitations on my cake! On the day of our wedding, Kimberly was on-time and efficient in her work, without out sacrificing her art. It was such a relief to not have to worry one bit about the cake as we were running around getting everything else together for the wedding. I would definitely recommend To A Tea, DBA Simply Desserts, to anyone I know! Thanks!"

— Shelli

"Thanks for dropping off a sampling of your cookies. I, of course, had to be the first to sample, and thought they were delicious! The logo image transferred even nicer than expected!"

— Continued best, Judy

"Regarding the cake balls decorated as eyeballs —  I keep getting sidetracked, but meant to send an email to you :-). They LOVED them!!!!  Dr. Guyton grabbed one and gobbled it right up.  I was sure to mention my blue eyes and the bloodshot eyes!  It was perfect! Thank you!"

— Susan

"Kimberly is amazing! I brought in a photo of the wedding cake I wanted – something I had scanned from a magazine several years ago. The cake was very intricate, full of ruffles and flowers, and Kimberly perfected the cake! When I saw the finished product I was amazed. Everyone at my reception said they had never seen a cake like it before. Not only did it look amazing, it tasted delicious. I will definitely recommend To A Tea, DBA Simply Desserts, to everyone I know."

— Zayna

"To A Tea, DBA Simply Desserts, did both our Wedding cake and grooms cake (which I asked her to do last minute). Both were delicious! The grooms cake was a baseball shape with the Mets logo, which everyone was amazed with. And since we only gave her vague ideas and guidance for the wedding cake, she drew up her thoughts and it was exactly what we were looking for. Kim was great to work with and came very highly recommended and I agree. I will use her again for other cakes."

"I just wanted to thank you again for the amazing cake you made. It was perfect in every way. It was so delicious too! My sister in-law loved the design and was so impressed. She actually imagined her cake to be a Jordon shoe so she was extremely happy when she saw it. I will definitely continue to refer you to friends and will definitely be coming to you for birthdays and other events. Thank you again!"

— Anu:)

"WOW!!!!! The cookies are amazing! Did I say amazing extraordinary awesome!!! Really good work, 'classy'."

"Thank you so much for your wonderful dessert trays for my Open House last Sunday.   Everyone loved them, they were a hit. I was very impressed with your quick response, punctual delivery, delicious assortment and lovely presentation. You are on my referral list any time a client asks for catered desserts or gift ideas.Thanks again."

— Dianne

"Dave and I had fun trying all the cheesecakes last night. We agreed that those are the best cheesecakes we have ever had!! Dave was so enthusiastic. I am sure he will finish them off today! They look so pretty too!"

 "I just wanted to send you a note and tell you how fabulous I thought the cake was.  When my husband saw it he couldn’t believe it.  He thought it was amazing and so did all of my guests.  Not only was it visually awesome — it exceeded my expectations in that regard — but it was so delicious and moist. I am so grateful to Deb for her recommendation! Thanks again!"

— Beth

"Awesome! Your work is wonderful, so it's no surprise they loved the cookies! I'm glad we could help in a round about way. Thank you for your amazing service!"

— Lisa

"Thank you so much for baking such a beautiful and tasty cake.  Everyone just adored it. My daughter was very happy. Thanks again. "

— Vidya

"OH my goodness that cake was gorgeous!!!!! Everyone was soo impressed.  I want to thank you for your artistic touch and the flowers were perfect!!! Thanks so much for a perfect touch to their party, I will email you a picture with the Barbie and Ken dolls beside the cake (names are Barb and Ken) when I download them.  Thanks again!"

— Caryn

"I’m back to work now.  The cake was so amazing I wanted to THANK YOU so very much.  Not only was it BEAUTIFUL and just what I wanted but it tasted SO good. When Bob fed me the piece of cake I kept eating haha … I think I was just supposed to take one bite at that moment.  SO tasty!  I froze the top so we’ll see how it turns out in a year!  It was very hard not to eat it NOW ... haha.  Thank you again!  I hope you are doing well.

— Jamie

"Your desserts were a big success yesterday ... delicious, beautiful, etc. and several took your business card!!! I have the leftover cheesecake ... but sent the rest of the cake home with Jake. Too funny ... he didn't dare cut the Texas half of it!! Wanted to save it and take it to work to share!! The party went perfectly ... not a soul stepped outdoors!! So much for the 'garden party' on a super hot day!"

— Stephanie

"We had your cheesecake last night. Nannette (yes, with an N) let out about a dozen "oh my God's". I guess she liked it! So did I. Thanks!"

— Cory  

"I’m sure that I’m like many of you in that I have no time to bake. Thank goodness for Kimberly and To a Tea, DBA Simply Desserts. Kim always bails me out and makes me look really good. Kim’s chocolate cake for my daughter’s VCU graduation  not only looked and tasted great but traveled very well. The cheesecake that Kim baked for our Non-profit’s annual dinner was the talk of the evening because it was so delicious. In May, I was “offered “ the task of organizing Swan Ballet’s 30th anniversary celebration at the annual recital. Of course I called Kim at To a Tea, DBA Simply Desserts.  She made 2 large sheet cakes that were decorated with the studio logo and 4 photographs of our dancers on each cake. The staff, parents, and students were thrilled not only with the  way that they looked, but how good it tasted. I saw quite a few people taking pictures of the cake.  Finally, I’d be remiss if I didn’t tell you about Kim’s yummy chocolate covered strawberries.  I’ve ordered them on many different occasions and they are always fabulous. I don’t know how she always finds the perfect berry.  So before I go, let me share my secret with you: If I have to make it or bake it in order to take it ... I call Kimberly at To A Tea, DBA Simply Desserts!!!"

— Cynthia